About Us

Hope Legacy Collective is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization that exists to restore hope in lives locally and globally through financial and volunteer support of life-changing non-profits.

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    Legacy of Hope


    After the passing of Steve Stewart, founder of Gulf Winds International, Steve’s son, Todd Stewart, started a private foundation in his father’s honor. Gulf Winds had a slogan that seemed to fit the purpose of the foundation perfectly, “It’s about more than moving freight; it’s about more than the move.” So, in January 2018, the More Than the Move Foundation launched. 

    The Foundation’s purpose was to empower Gulf Winds employees with the opportunity to share their passions and use their skills to give back to the community, while also giving a purpose to the company’s profitability through charitable grants. 

    However, we soon realized that, in the world of philanthropy, you could never have too many people joining together to better the community and world. After seeing Gulf Winds’ program success, other companies asked if they could join in serving the community. Sunburst Truck Lines and Core Group Resources joined the Employee Volunteer Program (EVP) in 2019. Then in 2020, Highpoint Insurance, Owens Transport, Danner’s Incorporated, Mission AC, Right At Home, The Spine Center, Premier Performance Physical Therapy, Mooring USA, and American Home Buyers joined the Employee Volunteer Program. 

    More Than the Move Foundation transitioned from serving one company to having a vision that serves multiple companies and industries. 

    With the addition of these new partners and a growing vision for the future, the Foundation recently changed its operating name to Hope Legacy Collective. We believe this name embodies our organization’s new mission, to unite collectively with others and leave a legacy of hope in our communities and world. 

    We are excited about what the future has in store as we seek to be more than just donors or volunteers, but true neighbors and friends within our community.

    What's In A Name

    We want to restore hope in our communities and world though giving of our time and resources. Our logo in of itself represents light and is an emblem of purity and hope, which we strive to display brightly through the work of Hope Legacy Collective.


    Our foundation is a representation of a legacy – something started, handed down, endowed or conveyed from one person to another – and we hope this legacy continues to live on for generations! We operate with a Christian world view and desire to live for something greater than ourselves.


    The word collective accurately embodies the structure of our organization – as we desire to bridge the gap between the profit and for-profit world for the purpose of one common goal – to restore hope.

    Our Team


    Todd Stewart
    Founder & Chairman
    Jamie Hampton
    Executive Director
    Landon Coker
    Volunteer Coordinator
    Lexi Coker
    Marketing Coordinator

    “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’There is no commandment greater than these.”

    ~ Mark 12:30-31