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Hope Legacy Collective is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization that exists to restore hope in lives locally and globally through financial and volunteer support of life-changing non-profits.

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    Owens Scholarship Committee

    The Randy Owens Memorial Scholarship Committee of Hope Legacy Collective (HLC) exists to glorify God by aiding students whose family members work for, drive for, or partner with Owens Leasing to attain college and/or trade school education.

    What Is The Scholarship?

    investing in THE NEXT GENERATION

    Scholarship grants given by this committee are for scholarships to accredited undergraduate institutions and trade schools. The purpose of these scholarships is to serve as Hope Legacy Collective’s affirmation of undergraduate college students as well as trade school students on their education journey. To be considered for a scholarship, an Application for Education Scholarship Form must be completed and received by the committee.